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CEO and Founder

I always wanted to make a difference, and realised my unique approach to school could be a way to help others.

As a young adult I know firsthand how stressful school can be, not to mention maintaining balance. Throughout my schooling I have missed a large proportion of schooling due to health and other commitments, yet still graduated with exemplary marks, due to my approach to study and well-being. In my final year of schooling aside from graduating with Principal’s Academic Citation, a board award for service and the prize for Anatomy & Physiology (a university level course in which I achieved a High Distinction); I also had three months of online schooling, continual social-distancing restrictions, frequent exacerbations of chronic health conditions, worked in a part-time job, trained 15 hours a week for swimming and taught karate on a volunteer basis. I hope that I can share some of the resources I have developed to manage this to help you manage what matters to you whilst you complete your schooling- be it at a primary, high school, college, vocational or university level.
Resources such as my handwritten notes were initially designed for my personal use. They broke down information into simple terms with eye catching colours to help me remember them. I used my artwork and cards as a way to inspire others throughout my schooling, in an increasingly digital age people loved to receive a card, and it was a small way I could make a difference. My unique journals designed with positive affirmations and prompts were inspired by my swim coach, who I text a positive thought each morning to (and have texted various positive thoughts or events on a daily basis for over 1000 days).
Little bits of positivity are so important to me- I love having designs on my books that make me smile, and little reminders around me that the world is a good place after all. Although, this might seem cliche and insignificant, what we see is what we will manifest, and so I hope these designs might brighten your day.

The founder: Our Team
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