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Remembering Rachel- Rachel's Voice

On Christmas Day, 2021, Rachel Anne Wake lost her life due to domestic violence. The attack on her was witnessed by her two children Rom and Gabe, no person should have to witness an event like that. 

Rom has given permission for Rachel's story to be shared to bring awareness and push for stricter family justice laws.

We are proud to be standing with Rom and the movement Rachel's Voice that she has created in her memory. With Rom's help we have designed a logo for them, that encompasses the life she brought to this world.

Please browse our Remembering Rachel collection and consider buying one of our bracelets where all proceeds go towards Rom and Gabe.

More products will be added in coming days, subtle reminders of what Rachel loved. Please join us in standing up for tougher family justice laws and ensuring Rachel's legacy lives on.

A go fund me has also been set up in Rachel's honour, to donate please click here.

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