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Poppy Craven

Admin Assistant & NDIS Carer

I have been extremely lucky to watch children in our care grow, whether is academically, mentally, or emotionally. I’m so lucky to get to work with kids of all walks of life, and I’m sure I get as much out of our sessions as your children do. I have been lucky enough to become a tutor, childcare worker, NDIS carer and a admin member of the Artizter team which has been so rewarding. Tutoring and NDIS care in particular, while they were a little challenging at first, have become something that I throughly enjoy, being able to contribute to a child’s learning journey is something truely rewarding, as a child that had tutoring, I understand how overwhelming and sometimes embarrassing it can feel to kids to have a tutor, but I see it as my job to educate them how it’s not embarrassing at all to have someone helping you along, it’s something to be proud of as it will help you to succeed further in the future, I personally still look back to my tutoring days and fondly remember the lovely tutor who taught me how to tell the time, understand the money system, and learn the times tables, all skills that are crucial in a child’s growth to adolescence and eventually adulthood. Whether it’s getting a kick start to learning or a little help along the way in addition to the classroom at school, tutoring is so important for some children, although I think all could benefit from it.


Poppy Craven
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